Jillian is 2.5yr Old | Fredericksburg, Va

So, this is my 1st personal post. I’m not known for my great writing skills but I’m sticking with this blog thing and pushing forward. Last April (2014), after purchasing my 1st DSLR camera and starting the process of figuring it all out, my youngest child Jillian became my default model. My 2nd time I took my camera outdoors it was to a field near our house that we lived at last year.

It was a beautiful and warm spring evening. I brought Kamry & Jillian and a few props like a blanket, basket & flowers. We took a few pictures along a path in the trees and then we settled in an open area. She was 18months. Man I miss that age. I set her down and she wouldn’t move from that spot. She would smile and dance but would stay put. It was great. I got a few pictures of her and the 18mo pictures were the 1st post on my newly created fb page. She looked like a little Angel baby (well, to me at least).

Since that was a year ago & I’m now at my 1st anniversary of the business, I figured I would take her back out to a field for similar pictures. This time Kamry came along again & also Daddy. She’s now 2.5yrs old and a lot has changed. For one, she’s always on the go and rarely stay’s still, especially outdoors. I’m noticing more and more everyday how much she is like me. She loves the water, outdoors, animals & music. She’s also sweet, extremely bright, and silly like her Daddy. The field we went to is just 5 mins away from our new house. It was also a great opportunity for me to test out this location for future Sessions. I pretty much just set her down and let her run free, which she loves. She played tag with her older sister. She kept hiding behind the tiniest little twigs & grass or she would find a patch and just sit right down on top of it! I know that with her dress on, that couldn’t of felt great, but she could care less. We had about 15 mins of beautiful sunset light before the clouds crept in and covered the sky. Overall, we had a fun time and found a great location. It’s bittersweet that my youngest will be 3 in just a few short months.

**The picture at the end is from last year**



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