Lilly 1st Birthday | State Park | Woodbridge, Va

Lilly’s 1st Birthday Session was absolutely stunning. Certainly a new fav. Her mother styled her just perfect, she was the sweetest little girl, and we had a lot of fun!! I can’t ask for anymore than that. I’ve been wanting to shoot at this State Park in the area for a few months now and I’m SO glad we decided on this location. It was a beautiful Fall day with just the right amount of sunlight & clouds. Lilly had already been walking for a while now so a little chasing was required but very worth it to capture some sweet images of a beautiful little girl. Happy 1st Birthday Sweetie & I can’t wait to see you at your Holiday Mini!



DSC_8077(1)BeFunky Collage51DSC_8001(1)DSC_8153(1)DSC_8123(1)BeFunky Collage53BeFunky Collage52DSC_8539(1)DSC_8603(1)DSC_8090(1)DSC_8085(1)DSC_8296(1)DSC_8352(1)DSC_8174(1)DSC_8458(1)BeFunky Collage55BeFunky Collage56BeFunky Collage54DSC_8798(1)DSC_8845(1)BeFunky-Collage64DSC_9443(1)DSC_9354(1)DSC_8931(1)BeFunky Collage58BeFunky Collage60BeFunky Collage59DSC_9658(1)DSC_9547(1)DSC_9554(1)DSC_9560(1)

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