Riordon Family |1st Birthday | Stafford, Va

I really enjoyed meeting this sweet family!! This session sure was a funny one (looking back now) with the balloons floating away as soon as we got out the car & me losing a shoe. Those things sure weren’t funny at the time, but hey, that’s just life. We pressed on with this session and were able to get some really adorable pictures of them. Happy Birthday sweet girl!


DSC_5390(2)DSC_5440(1)DSC_5507(1)DSC_5485(2)BeFunky Collage83DSC_5540(1)DSC_6034(1)DSC_5762(1)DSC_5479(2)DSC_5797(1)DSC_5707(1)BeFunky Collage89DSC_5953(2)DSC_5847(1)BeFunky Collage55DSC_6073(web)BeFunky Collage65DSC_6108(1)DSC_6128(1)DSC_6279(1)DSC_6311(1)DSC_6372(1)BeFunky Collage46DSC_6321(1)DSC_6553(2)DSC_6630(1)DSC_6643(1)DSC_6687(1)DSC_6664(1)


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