Sister Session | Snow Maternity | Fredericksburg, Va

These two stunning ladies are nearing the very end of their pregnancies. They were the most relaxed & they were so much fun to photograph. We did this session right after the January 2016 Blizzard – the parking lot & area had not been cleared for us so we did a lot of snow climbing to get these shots (so very worth it)! These sister-in-laws were so easy-going and beautiful! I know I keep going on about it, but they were just a dream to work with & I can’t wait to see those little babies.


DSC_4538(1)DSC_4504(1)BeFunky Collage51DSC_4549(2)DSC_4624(1)DSC_4654(1)BeFunky Collage52DSC_4591(1)DSC_4757(1)DSC_4881(1)DSC_4904(1)DSC_4812(1)DSC_4978(1)DSC_5042(1)DSC_5054(1)DSC_5134(1)DSC_5125(1)DSC_5071(1)DSC_5158(1)BeFunky Collage53BeFunky Collage55BeFunky Collage56DSC_5003(1)DSC_5015(1)DSC_5261(1)DSC_5300(1)DSC_5347(1)

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